Access Strategy Validation

Access Strategy Validation

MKTXS enables you to validate your Market Access Strategy at every step of your product’s lifecycle

Proprietary Validation Platforms

InsightNow™: Offers real-time Payer insights to support development of market access and HEOR strategies

SnapChart™: Allows clients to understand real-time treatment landscapes in timely cost effective manner

Innovative Payer Insights Transforming to YES

Proprietary Validation Platforms

InsightNow™ : MKTXS’ Rapid Payer Assessment Platform

Proprietary platform offers real-time Payer insights to support development of market access and HEOR strategies; MKTXS Payer panels enables large quantitative studies to be done within a rapid timeframe

Innovative Payer Insights

Provide our clients with access intelligence and strategic foresight necessary to maximize an asset’s value across multiple healthcare markets (reimbursed, mixed, self-pay, etc.) through Payer research (1-1 interviews, dyads/triads/ advisory boards or surveys):

In addition, our Payer insights allow our clients to:

  • Engage in post-launch studies to maintain (in cases of generic entry) value and access
  • Further enhance (maximize within patent protection) Payer perceived value through market shaping and evidence generation recommendations
MKTXS is well experienced in conducting both primary and secondary research:
  • Our vast network of Payers and Payer influencers has allowed us to address a broad scope of business questions within a rapid timeframe
  • Our insights have provided clients with specific action steps to appropriately guide commercial development, in-licensing decisions, P&R
    negotiation planning, launch sequencing, and various Payer communications and objection handling

Transforming to YES

To truly optimize market access, it is imperative to map the pathways and circles of influence

Payer and Payer influencers are crucial in obtaining optimal access and price

MKTXS has a validated battery of questions and methodologies to understand where Payers stand on the YES continuum

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