Understanding and outlining the funding pathway and price waterfall for key targeted therapies for pricing forecasts and launch sequence determination

Launch sequencing

Background & Objectives

  • Key to developing a pricing and launch strategy our client needed to understand the differences in reimbursement / coverage systems, requirements for the public and private sectors
  • Understand the key price drivers including reference countries
    • Compare and contrast the specific approved / reimbursed prices for each therapy vs. US / EU
    • Map the price benchmarks within each country, and conduct pricing analyses to understand differences

Markets in Scope:
Brazil, Mexico, China, Taiwan, South Korea

Methods & Results

  • Secondary research, MKTXS experience and discussions with local partners were used to identify gaps in current knowledge
  • Targeted therapies were selected using defined parameters to ensure insights relevant to the client’s pipeline
  • Methodologies were developed specific to understanding the market dynamics for each country
    • Access was driven by self pay and patient assistance programs, therefore discussions with pharmacists and KOLs were key steps in the methodology
    • Targeted therapies are available through the public and / or private system, requiring discussions with key stakeholders in both segments

Provided critical pricing parameters for the client’s price and forecasting model for pipeline therapies and recommended launch sequences and expected access options for future launches

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