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Market Access

Generates comprehensive market access strategies integrating Payer assessment, price-access trade-offs, and HEOR.

Our market access services integrate our three expert offerings to optimize access of a product. For each engagement, senior executives in Payer assessment, pricing, and HEOR collaborate cross-functionally to develop market access recommendations. MKTXS partners with clients for both the development of global market access (inclusive of HEOR) strategies and the execution of these recommendations across specific national/regional markets.

Negotiation Training Workshops

We can work with affiliates to optimise the use of value statements with market-specific stakeholders. Our training workshops are designed to help optimize company negotiation skills in preparation for real-life tendering discussions with Payers.

Gap-test your value dossier and prepare your market access team for real-life tendering 

Our workshops, typically held over 1 to 2 days, pressure test product value arguments and supporting information within the value dossier, and help provide solutions to handle areas of sensitivity and potential push back from Payers. Our sessions are tailored to individual company needs, but typically provide training in the theoretical elements of negotiation skills, followed by small group exercises and role play sessions where we challenge your teams as Payers and work with you to develop tactics that can help support win-win outcomes in reimbursement and price negotiations.

These workshops are typically informal, but we can enhance their realism by bringing former Payers to appraise, question and challenge your submissions, as they do in the real world. Also, our experience with real tendering across different markets means that we can provide realistic simulations of actual tendering environments, such as mock NICE and SMC appraisals, which accurately follow the processes and formality of real appraisal committees. We can also assist in the development of effective objection handlers to formalize a robust company-wide approach to Payer questions.


These workshops typically result in actionable insights that enable our clients to refine their existing negotiation tools, improve their confidence and better their approach to tendering. Typical outputs include updates to existing objection handlers and value dossiers.

What our clients say about our workshops

“Night and day difference compared to our experience with other consulting firms”

“Superb moderation; thorough, intelligent, dynamic and persistent”

Sample MKTXS Engagements to Optimize an Assets Lifecycle Revenue

  • PHASE 1
    • Value hypothesis mapping & value creation strategy
    • RWE strategy
  • PHASE 2
    • Optimal indication/launch sequencing
    • HTA evaluation preparation
  • PHASE 3
    • Negotiation toolkits
    • Price waterfall analysis
  • PHASE 4
    • Negotiation toolkits
    • Price waterfall analysis