Evaluation of real-world treatment patterns and resource use in a specific subset of patients with a cancer type

Treatment Patterns using RCR Design

Background & Objectives

  • Client has a new compound in Phase-3, due for launch in 2018; RCTs are single-arm non-comparative trials.
  • Client is in need of setting the benchmark for current Standard of Care (SoC) and showcase unmet needs in the population of interest, as well as assess specific point estimates required for future indirect-treatment comparisons and economic analyses for value dossiers
  • Objective was to help client understand the treatment patterns (associated with current standard of care), other resource utilization and outcomes associated with the subpopulation of interest among patients with a specific cancer type

Markets in Scope:
Big-5-Europe and USA

Methods & Results

  • Designed and implemented a retrospective chart review study
    • Physicians (oncologists & onco-hematologists) recruited from panels in respective countries
    • >250 Physicians and >800 patient-charts were screened per pre-defined protocol
    • Data collection implemented using electronic data collection forms (eDCF)
      • Physicians completed eDCF
  • Results identified some unique characteristics and outcomes among patients on current SoC for the concerned condition; profile of patients with suboptimal outcomes were identified; estimates of patients with specific clinical outcomes and resource use were created

Implications: External stakeholder communication and publications ongoing; data added to value dossier and payer/HTA submissions

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