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Training LatAm affiliates in Payer negotiation strategies to optimize access of a high priced orphan drug


A global drug manufacturer launched an orphan drug in the US and core EU markets, but faced several challenges in access within the LatAm markets that included:

  • Objections to product price
  • Highly misdiagnosed disease, resulting in an unclear target patient profile eligible for treatment
  • Lack of a centralized healthcare system, creating barriers to monitoring product performance


  • Presented scenarios with increasing levels of access support and evidence during 1-on-1 Payer consultations to determine the minimum acceptable efficacy threshold for access at US parity price


Conduct 1-day training workshop with LatAm affiliates with key Payer insights and the access tools necessary to support access were used

  • Facilitated a workshop where cross country teams developed solutions for key access barriers
  • Steered affiliates from a price to a value based negotiation mindset
  • Consolidated value messages and evidence used across LatAm to those maximizing product value among Payers
  • Empowered LatAm affiliates to “think like a Payer” and helped build an “evidence development” roadmap to maximize access and grow sales within the LatAm market

 Area of focus

Mexico, Argentina, Colombia. Myelofibrosis.