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Current and Future Payer Landscape Assessment of Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) in US and EU-4: Drivers of Willingness to Pay


An oncology-focused manufacturer wanted to identify the country-specific drivers of a high willingness to pay for metastatic breast cancer therapies

  • Determination of the primary and secondary endpoints needed to drive willingness to pay
  • Economic/pharmacoeconomic evidence needed by Payers to understand value
  • Role of PROs/QoL in price and access decisions for metastatic cancer treatment


  • Conduct in-depth Payer interviews and focus groups (between Payers and KOLs)


Outline of the necessary outcomes needed by country to earn a premium value proposition

  • Key attributes and outcomes were outlined for each Payer type in each country of scope
  • Market niches/sub-populations where PFS would suffice as value driver were identified
  • Thresholds of incremental improvement in OS and PFS were defined, where applicable
  • The importance of efficacy versus safety in Payer and HTA evaluations was quantified to allow manufacturer to understand magnitude of importance of tolerability profile

 Area of focus

US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain. Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC)