Market Access Strategies for the Global Healthcare Environment mktxs linkedin 1-908-864-4090


MKTXS integrates Payer needs for product access with the evidence required to enhance the value proposition. Specifically, MKTXS…


Offers senior leadership with years of experience and background in leading and implementing access and pricing decisions for numerous products within the pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic industries.

Incorporates insights from a vast global network of influential (ex-) Payers who are well rehearsed in interacting with the internal team to facilitate timely and well-shaped discussions.


Is a trusted partner who implements rigorous, customized methodologies to generate scientifically credible real-world evidence.

Utilizes innovative methodologies (such as mock P&T sessions/P&R negotiations and Payer vs. influencer discussions) to uncover insights for strategies driving Payer willingness to pay.


Recommends actionable pricing and market access (PMA) insights subsequently supported by HEOR evidence from nascent stages of commercial development through post-launch in major and emerging markets.

Offers a project manager and cross-trained delivery team well-rehearsed in HEOR methodologies as well as pricing strategies.