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MKTXS leadership prides itself on foreseeing the increasingly complex evolution of the healthcare marketplace before the healthcare industry itself shifted its focus from a physician-centric utilization mindset to a more holistic market access strategic approach. Instead of focusing on marketing healthcare technologies to physicians and patients, successful brand growth must now be achieved through convincing policy makers, HTA bodies, and Payers of a products’ utility, cost-effectiveness, and value. Given the increasing dominance of these new stakeholders, Market Access Solutions (MKTXS) was established to provide value based market access strategies to drive commercialization of health technologies.

The increased role of Payers in patient access to healthcare therapies has resulted in a higher threshold for value demonstration to maximize franchise growth. Payers are now seeking extensive real-world and health economic evidence to grant access to expensive new therapies given the increasing budgetary constraints and global scrutiny over exploding healthcare spending. Our recommendations and insights thus integrate the competitive price and access insights with the evidence generation required to maximize Payer value perception and ensure maximum reimbursement.